Thursday, June 3, 2010

The concept in brief

I plan on developing this blog well/fully this summer; but in the meantime, here is a brief introduction to the Greater Sri Lanka concept:

1. There exists Sri Lanka - the island nation - in this world. This, in the context of the Greater Sri Lanka concept, is Classic Sri Lanka or Traditional Sri Lanka or just Sri Lanka.

2. There exists people from Sri Lanka who live in various parts of the world, and their children and relatives. This is the Sri Lankan Diaspora.

3. Greater Sri Lanka is the view that both the people in classic Sri Lanka/the island & in the diaspora consist of - or can consist of - or the two groups of people can work together to form - one community.

Developing the Greater Sri Lanka concept, and the actual community, & encouraging & facilitating positive collaborations within this community, will be, I think, very useful for Classic Sri Lanka/the island in ending poverty on the island, strengthening peace, increasing freedom & opportunity to every individual on the island, & overall assisting with fast forwarding Sri Lanka into the sphere of developed countries.

More soon/this summer.

- Sujewa